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CO-OP Resort - Colombo


Coop resorts provide more facility accommodation in Colombo for the reasonable price. We have kept several options to reserve your room on your preference. Air-conditions and non-Air-condition, and dormitories rooms types will touch your preference. Meanwhile non comparable air condition auditorium facilities with high quality sound system bring your to huge group more than 150 people’s conferance needs.
Further we expand our service by providing high luxury transport service with professional drivers. You can reserve your vehicle in advance by downloading follow requesting paper.


• Free Wifi
• Dining Area
• Vehicle Parking area
• Lift accessible
• Easily reachable restaurants and shopping complexes

Room chargers

(Per Day)

Double Room

Triple Room

Rs. 2500 + Taxes

Rs. 3500 + Taxes

Conference hall charges

up to 4 hours

Additional hour

Sound system

Rs. 10,000 + Taxes

Rs. 3,000 + Taxes

Rs. 5,000 + Taxes

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